1. Article: School in my Country
2. Article: My Opinion about Schools Today


3. Story: Trip Disaster
4. Story: Lost
5. Informal Letter: Giving Information
6. Informal Letter: Giving advice
7. Article: Attractions for Tourists
8. Article: My City
9: Essay: Computers – Advantages-Disadvantages

10: Essay: Should Schools Ban Mobile Phones? – Opinion

11: Essay: Study Abroad or in your Own Country? – Opinion

12: Essay: Team vs Individual Sports – Advantages – Disadvantages


13: Article: Film Review (positive)
14: Article: Film Review (negative)

15: Book Review


15: Essay: Life is Easier for Us Today than it was for Our Grandparents. Do you agree? – Opinion

16: Write a letter to express your opinion.


17. 2nd letter of opinion:

18: Letter to the Editor (opinion)

19. Write a story ……


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