Text messaging 

What shorthand do you use? Do you use English? Do this quiz and add three of your own SMS speaks.

1) C U L8R M8 a) As far as I know.
2) B4 b) Love you with all my heart
3) AFAIK c) Boring
4) W8 4 ME, I’M L8, SOZ d) Text me back
5) KIT e) Have a nice day
6) RUOK? f) See you later mate
7) LUWAMH g) Keep in touch
8) HAND h) Easy
9) Zzzzzzzzz i) Are you okay?
10) KOTL j) Wait for me, I’m late, sorry
11) TMB k) See you tonight or tomorrow
12) 0 ME l) By the way
13) EZ m) Before
14) BTW n) Ring me
15) C U 2NITE O 2MORO o) Kiss on the lips

Your own SMS speak:
1. _______________________________
2. _______________________________
3. _______________________________

Mobiles out!