Describing Places 

Adjectives for describing places

Nouns to Describe Places

district, area, region, pollution, environment, vegetation, mountain, country, cliff, hill, valley, plain, woods, forest, field, meadow, river, stream, waterfall, lake, beach, coastline, pond, desert, jungle,
island, city, town, village, suburb, outskirts, seaside, center, downtown, square

bank, church, cathedral, school, university, taxi-stand, gas-station, cemetery,market , mall, shopping centre,

tobacco store, news-agent’s, grocery, chemist’s, florist, open market,

building, construction, construction site,

cottage, detached house, semi-detached house, terrace of houses, bungalow, cabin, hat, houseboat,
skyscraper, multi-storey building, mansion, apartment complex, block of flats,

rumble, ruins, remains of structures, pile of rubble,

Adjectives to Describe Places
unspoilt, quiet, clean, dirty, plain, ancient, modern, run-down, traditional,
industrial, residential, urban,  developed, developing, vast, huge, massive,
rough, barren, tropical, mountainous, flat, low-lying, agricultural, rural, fertile, picturesque, off the beaten track,
coastal, seaside …
overcrowded, busy, bustling, cosmopolitan, lively, monotonous, varied, cultural,
bleak, temperate, narrow,
polluted, contaminated, humid, dry, arid,
foreign, local, outdoor, indoor
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Cape Town, Africa