Christmas pudding

Σοφία Βέμπο: Της Ελλάδος Παιδιά…

Χρόνια πολλά στην όμορφη Ελλάδα μας.

Τι πειράζει που γιορτάζουμε με παρελάσεις και γιορτές στα σχολεία την ανάμνηση μιας τόσο σημαντικής στιγμής της Ελλάδας μας; Ποιούς μπορεί να ενοχλεί; Πάντως όχι τους Έλληνες!

Nicholas: A Saint for Christmas

Jesus was born in a Bethlehem stable, but Jesus came to find a home in our hearts.

Saint Nicholas reminds us what happens when people respond to the gift of God’s love.

Nicholas was born about seventeen centuries ago in Kessarea,  now in the country of Turkey. He was a kindly bishop known for his

generosity to the poor. He gave away his money to those in need, but he tried to do it secretly so no one would know he was

responsible. When people found out and praised Nicholas, he reminded them that God is the source of all goodness. Continue reading “Nicholas: A Saint for Christmas”

‘Merry Christmas’ around the world

United Arab Emirates (AE) I’d miilad said oua sana saida
Afghanistan (AF) De Christmas akhtar de bakhtawar au newai kal de mubarak sha
Antigua and Barbuda (AG) Merry Christmas
Anguilla (AI) Merry Christmas
Albania (AL) Gézuar Krishlindjet
Armenia (AM) Shnorhavor Sourp Dzunount
Netherlands Antilles (AN) Bon Pasco, Bon Anja
Angola (AO) Boas Festas
Argentina (AR) ¡Feliz Navidad! Continue reading “‘Merry Christmas’ around the world”

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