Wrapping Up the School Year

1: Students will write two letters: one to the students who will take on their this blog the following school year, and one to their next year’s teacher. 
2: Students use digital photos to create a personal classroom yearbook of their favourite events.


  1. Write a friendly letter to the student who will sit in their desk next year, giving them advice on what to expect.
  2. Write a letter introducing themselves to their next teacher.
  3. Select 5 events from the school year that have been significant to them.
  4. Choose 3-5 images that match their favorite parts of the year.
  5. Arrange the year’s significant events in chronological order.
  6. Write captions describing each event.
  7. Create their own yearbook of pictures and captions.

 Let’s Get Blogging!!

Subjects for Projects , Writing and Blogging / Glogging!
  1. My Ideal House.
  2. My Ideal Holidays.
  3. My  Language School
  4. People I Like.
  5. My Best Friend.
  6. My Favourite Cousin (Aunt / Uncle / etc)
  7. My Worst Enemy!
  8. My Family
  9. My Friends
  10. Pets
  11. Endangered Species
  12. Marine Life (Sea Life)
  13. Mountains
  14. Save the Forests
  15. The Greek Islands
  16. Our City
  17. City Life vs Country Life
  18. ART: Songs, Music, Cinema, Theatre
Here is what you could do to write a new post on your blog:

1. Using the  websites proposed by your teacher (or by googling a question!) research on your assigned subject.

2. Open a Word document, and start copying and pasting research you want to use to the document.  Make sure to save the research in “My Documents” using your name and subject!

3. Next, find pictures that have to do with your subject. You will need to save these pictures to use them in your blog post.

4. When you are ready you can start writing your blog post.


Welcome to My Town!



Write about our town ! 

Try to answer the following questions!

  1. Where is your town located (country, region)?
  2. What museums are in your town?
  3. What types of multi-cultural events /festivals are held in your town?
  4. What special events are held in your town?
  5. What parks or natural landmarks are located in your town? What activities do they offer?
  6. What sporting events or outdoor activities are offered in your town?
  7. What types of food are popular in your town? What restaurants are popular?
  8. Describe a typical day in your town (What is there to do for fun?)
  9. What are the weather conditions and average temperature in your town during the summer?
  10. What makes your town unique or special?