i5 3_6d: Giving Advice



Grammar: Prepositions of Place

And  now  !! …..
EXERCISE 1: …and fill in !!!

EXERCISE 2:  Circle the correct preposition!! 

EXERCISE 3: … and WRITE about your room !!!
Click HERE to do the there is / there are QUIZ!!!!

Write about your room!!

Use – Χρησιμοποιήστε: on the (επάνω στο), in the (μέσα στο), next to the (δίπλα στο), near the (κοντά στο), behind the (πίσω από το), in front of the (μπροστά από το)

Vocabulary: Family

Study the words!

Be Careful!

grand + father   /   grand + mother
au-nt   /    un-cle     /   cou-sin  

Now, CLICK on the picture and play the game!

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