Review of Tenses 1

Present simple (I work / He works. —  Do you work? / Does he work? — We don’t work / She doesn’t work) is used for activities we do: always, usually, often, sometimes, seldom, never, etc
Present Continuous (am working / Are you working? / They aren’t working) is used for activities which are happening:  now, at the moment, these days, this week/month/year/weekend, tomorrow
Past simple (I played / Did he play? / She didn’t play) is used for activities we did in the past. They are finished and completed (yesterday, last Monday/week/month/year, when…, in 2000, etc)
Past Continuous (was playing / Was he playing? / They weren’t playing) is used for activities which were happening when something else happened. (yesterday at 8 o’clock, at that moment, while, as…)

Grammar: Present Continuous (Future meaning)

READ the examples!!!!
We use the present continuous to talk about fixed arrangements in the future (tomorrow, tonight, next week, etc)
Xρησιμοποιούμε present continuous για να μιλήσουμε για κάτι που έχουμε ήδη κανονίσει να κάνουμε σύντομα (π.χ. ραντεβού για απόψε, αύριο, μεθαύριο, σε λίγες  μέρες σε σύντομο χρονικό διάστημα)