Past Perfect Continuous


Odysseas Elytis

My favourite writer is Odysseas Elytis. He was born on 2nd November 1911 and he died in 1996. His real name was Odysseas Alepoudelis and he is one of the most important Greek writers. He was distinguished in 1979 with the NOBEL prize, the second and the last Greek who took a NOBEL prize in literature.

He is very successful because he wrote lots of poems like “Axion Esti”, “Sun the first” and lots of other poems.

Odysseas Elytis is my favoutite writer because I like his history and his poems!

Funny Summer Weather

One day last summer it was so sunny and we decided to go to the sea to swim.
It was lovely. We played volleyball and beach tennis. We had real fun.
Then, suddenly it started to rainWe didn’t have jackets and we were cold. So, we ran back home and as we were tired we had a bath and we went straight to our beds.
That day was fantastic!                                            

I’m John P! Do you know me?

This is not us, but they look like us a bit!
Hi everyone!
I’m John, and I’m 10 years old. I love school and I’m crazy about basketball. I live in Kalamata in Greece and I’ve got two more brothers. 

The name of my 1st brother is Dimosthenis and the name of my 2nd brother is Theofanis. Dimosthenis is 7 years old and Theofanis is 2 years old. I’m the oldest boy in my home. 
The name of my mum’s is Maria and the name of my dad’s is George. My mum is a post woman and my dad is a postman. 

I have also got three birds. The 1st was given to us, the 2nd we bought it and the 3rd was found. 
My best friend is Nicolas because he always plays with me!