Schools in Greece by Harry T.

There is one thing all schoolchildren have in common! That definitely is that they have six hours studying boring lessons from Monday to Friday in the worst place in the world called school!

Primary School in Greece is attended by pupils from age 6 to 12 and then they move on to Secondary School until their 18th year, if they have passed all the class exams and have been promoted that is.
In the end of the year we take exams which in the first three years are 5 and later on in the next three they grow to nine.

I am in my second year of Secondary School and I am paying more attention to the subjects that I am going to be examined in  at the end of the year, which are Maths, Greek language, Greek Literature, History and Science.

All the subjects are compulsory and I believe that the ones that the students find more difficult are History and Ancient Greek. My favoutite subject apart from Physical Eucation of course, is Maths.

To top it all, I think that schools in my country should change a bit in that students would not have to do extra lessons at home to understand the subjects better in my opinion homework shouldn’t be a thing either.


Schools in Greece by Tasos Z.

Did you know that even kindergarten kids spend at least 6 hours a day at “school”? You DO? well, you won’t know this one now. Did you know that school teachers know better the school teens than their own parents?  I bet you didn’t know that one.

Well, I don’t really know how public schools gymnasiums and primary schools are because I never went to one of those. I am and I will be attending a private school where I will stay until I am 18.

I know though that private schools or at least the one I am attending is really good or… I think so. I have never been to an other school. I only have memories from this one, so… I like it .
Oh! I never told you. I am attending the first year of Junior High and my favourite subjects are Maths, Science,… You know I really like science stuff.

In my opinion all — OK not all but most — schools are broken.They make it really hard to understand and it has been the same for ever.

Check THIS out!

Reading and Writing

Nicky went shopping to Harrods, in London, with her sister. 
She met a famous actor there and she’s writing an e-mail to a friend to tell her about that!
Now, try to match the words to the blanks!!!!
Now, READ and ANSWER the questions.

WRITING TIME!!!!!!!!!!

Grammar: Prepositions of Place

And  now  !! …..
EXERCISE 1: …and fill in !!!

EXERCISE 2:  Circle the correct preposition!! 

EXERCISE 3: … and WRITE about your room !!!
Click HERE to do the there is / there are QUIZ!!!!

Write about your room!!

Use – Χρησιμοποιήστε: on the (επάνω στο), in the (μέσα στο), next to the (δίπλα στο), near the (κοντά στο), behind the (πίσω από το), in front of the (μπροστά από το)

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