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Conditional Sentences Type I

Complete the Conditional Sentences Type I.
  • If you (go)  out with your friends tonight, I (watch)  the football match on TV.
  • (earn)  a lot of money if I (get)  that job.
  • If she (hurry / not) , we (miss)  the bus.

Conditional Sentences Type II

Complete the Conditional Sentences Type II.
  • If he (try)  harder, he (reach)  his goals.
  • (buy)  these shoes if they (fit) .
  • It (surprise / not)  me if he (know / not)  the answer.

Conditional Sentences Type III

Complete the Conditional Sentences Type III.
  • If we (listen)  to the radio, we (hear)  the news.
  • If you (switch)  on the lights, you (fall / not)  over the chair.
  • She (come)  to our party if she (be / not)  on holiday.

Conditional Sentences Type I, II or III

Complete the Conditional Sentences with the correct form (Type I, II or III).
  • If I amwill bewerehad beenwould bewould have been stronger, I’d help you carry the piano.
  • If we’d seen you, we stopwill stopstoppedhad stoppedwould stopwould have stopped.
  • If we meetwill meetmethad metwould meetwould have met him tomorrow, we’ll say hello.
  • He would have repaired the car himself if he haswill havehadhad hadwould havewould have had the tools.
  • If you drop the vase, it breakswill breakbrokehad brokenwould breakwould have broken.
  • If I hadn’t studied, I do not passwill not passdid not passhad not passedwould not passwould not have passed the exam.
  • I wouldn’t go to school by bus if I havewill havehadhad hadwould havewould have had a driving licence.
  • If she doesn’t seewon’t seehadn’t seendidn’t seewouldn’t seewouldn’t have seen him every day, she’d be lovesick.
  • I don’t travelwon’t traveldidn’t travelhadn’t travelledwouldn’t travelwouldn’t have travelled to London if I don’t get a cheap flight.
  • We’d be stupid if we tellwill telltoldhad toldwould tellwould have told him about our secret.

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