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Grammar: Prepositions of Place

And  now  !! …..
EXERCISE 1: …and fill in !!!

EXERCISE 2:  Circle the correct preposition!! 

EXERCISE 3: … and WRITE about your room !!!
Click HERE to do the there is / there are QUIZ!!!!

Write about your room!!

Use – Χρησιμοποιήστε: on the (επάνω στο), in the (μέσα στο), next to the (δίπλα στο), near the (κοντά στο), behind the (πίσω από το), in front of the (μπροστά από το)

Vocabulary: Family

Do you remember the FAMILY words?
Look at the family tree. Draw it in your Copy Book and put the words under the pictures!
(You can draw or use pictures from magazines!!!!!!)
Can you fill in the blanks??
Write the answers in your notebook or under the post in the COMMENTS!!!
Answer the questions in your notebook or in the COMMENTS!!!