What noises do some animals make?

Animals SoundsCats  miaow and when they are happy they purr

Dogs  bark or go woof woof and growl when they’re angr

Wolves  howl, cry or yell

Mice  squeak and squeal

Pigs oink,  grunt or squeal

Sheep  / Lambs  bleat or baa

Cows moo or bellow

Horses  neigh, snort, whinny, nicker, sputter

Donkeys  bray or  hee-haw

Ducks  quack

Bees  buzz

Mosquitoes  whine

Owls  hoot, scream, screech or shriek

Birds  chirp, twitter, tweet, sing or whistle

Squirrels  squeak, chatter or click

Frogs  croak

Lions  roar

Elephants  trumpet

Snakes   hiss

Whales  sing