Safari in Africa!

Hi Scott,
  Thanks for your e-mail . I’m writing about my holidays in Africa. I have been here for ten days with my family! I’ve taken part in lots of unusual activities. Let me tell you about the most important activities.
  The first one was the safari. We went in four groups by jeep and a safari guide in Shavana. I saw wild animals, giraffes, zebras, elephants and tigers. That was a great experience for me.
   Another activity that I’ve enjoyed really is the race with camels. We went with my group in a traditional village. We had tropical foods and drinks and took part in the race with camels. I took the first prize!
  The highlight of the day was the traditional music night. We danced and sang with all the villagers.
  It’s been so far a wonderful holiday. Shall I send you some photos of all my activities?
See you soon



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