Video: 3D Printing

Are you looking for an unusual present for someone? In this video, you will learn how 3D printing technology can be used to make a model of you. Yes, the  real you, but in miniature! Video time: 7 mins 24 secs. Activity time: 20-30 minutes

Task: Watch the video and answer the questions
1 How big is the standard model ?
2 What happens in the scanning booth?
3 What sort of people will be interested in the product?
4 What’s the starting price? 
5 How does the 3D printer build the model?
6 What can this printer do that other 3D printers can’t?
7 What happens to the excess powder?
8 Can the 3D printer print two different materials at the same time?
9 What’s the final stage in the process?

Go to the video here.
Answers will be posted next week!