Here Is Thanasis again!

Hi, here I am again and I have a lot of  news!            

Yesterday I broke my right arm !
I was playing football with my friends and I was the goalkeeper and
one of them shoot the ball and the ball hit me at my hand so it broke.
Then I went to the hospital to be sure if I had broken it.
I had an Χ-ray and it was a very small crack.
The doctors put me a plaster and now I mustn’t move it.
The good thing about my broken arm is that I can’t write only speak.
On the other hand I can’t swim, play computer games ( not well ), eat
( because I am right handed ), ride my bike or sleep ( well ) …..
Hopefuly I will take off the plaster on 20/6/2013, in about two weeks.
Here is my X-ray