Keli from Guatemala!

Read about Keli (rear left in the pic) on “National Geographic – Kids”

Keli is a 14-year-old girl who lives in Guatemala. She lives in a small village in the highlands, which is a mountainous area in the northwest of Guatemala. Everyone in her town wears the traditional clothing, traje, that they have worn for centuries. The ladies weave the fabrics and the men, los hombres, sew the clothing. Men and boys wear red pants, a button up shirt with a woven collar, and a straw hat.

Girls and ladies wear the traditional woven shirt and a dark blue wrap skirt with a long woven belt.

Watch her weave, do the daily chores and count to ten in her local language in her videos.

PROJECT: Write about you, your town, your country, your school, your family, your everyday activities!!