Acropolis – The Museum


March 2002
Bernard Tschumi presents a model of his Acropolis museum in his New York Office. (AP Photo/Shawn Baldwin)


April 1, 2005 –A bulldozer demolishes buildings next to the Parthenon temple.

Several buildings had to be cleared to make room for the new museum square. (AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis)


March 21, 2006 –A builder in action on the roof of the new Acropolis museum in Athens. (Reuters/John Kolesidis)

MUSEUM ACROPOL 13 July 12, 2007 – Statue of a young man from the 5th century B.C. stands ready to be relocated. (AFP/Aris Messinis)

MUSEUM ACROPOL 14December 8, 2007 – The first of five famous female statues is moved by crane from the old to the new museum. (AFP/Louisa Gouliamaki)

MUSEUM ACROPOL 18December 8, 2008 – A woman stands on the glass floor of the new Acropolis museum. (AP Photo/ Thanassis Stavrakis)

MUSEUM ACROPOL 20 June 16, 2009 – The Parthenon temple reflects off the glass covering the southern side of the new Acropolis museum.

(EPA/ Orestis Panagiotou)


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  1. Dear,
    We are a group of students of the University of Pisa; we are attending the second year of Structural Engineering – Architecture. We would like to receive some information and materials about your project of the “New Acropolis Museum” in Athens.
    We have to model a new 3D project, so we would need you to send us the more you think could be useful.

    Thank for your time,
    Kindly regards.

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