Greek Easter Traditions – by Panos Z. (A Senior)

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Today is Holy Thursday and in Greece, we are dying the eggs red!

On Good Friday, we go to church and later in the evening we follow the Epitaph round the streets of the neighbourhood.

On Holy Saturday we do the last preparations. We buy the candles, the last presents for our family and we bring home the lamb on the spit from the butcher!

At night we go to church to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. When the priest sings “Jesus has Risen” we all light our candles and kiss. then we go back home where grandma or mum have cooked mageiritsa and we eat all together.

On Easter Sunday dad prepares the lamb in our garden, early in the morning. When the weather is good we have great fun around the barbecue, under the trees in the garden. It’s a great day. Everyone laughs, and plays and we clink eggs, sing, and kiss.

Happy Easter Everyone!

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